Many Entrepreneurs and people in business can feel frustrated and stressed as a result of the enormous load on their shoulders in trying to move their businesses to the next level. Business Mindset Coaching can help.

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Can you imagine what it will feel like when your business meets all it's targets or goals?

How will it be when you or your employees can feel engaged and motivated to achieve all your business dreams?

What will it mean to you to have extra "time for you" every week to be able do the things you love, versus "have to" do by being more productive?

I can help you no matter if you are a new start, up entrepreneur or established business professional who already has a smooth and running business, great personal life, with great employees.

What is Business Mindset Coaching?

  • Business Mindset Coaching is all about you.
  • There is no set programme we follow. There is no rigid course or session.
  • It’s all about you. What you want more of. What you want less of.
  • I am here to help and support you.
  • I'll help you grow and develop and manage Your Emotions. Your Motivation. Your Productivity. Your Drive. Your Self Care. Your Mental Approach and Wellbeing.
  • It's not advice on running your business, financial matters or practical aspects of your business. That's business coaching. I'm a mindset coach.
  • If you are feeling 100% focused, motivated and productive. Calm, relaxed and confident, and resourceful you will carry this through into your business.
  • I’m here to help you identify and clarify what you want and help achieve. Your goals, Your outcomes.



How Business Mindset Coaching Helps You


Coaching is about conversations. It's not advice and it's not "telling" you what to do. It is however about discovering and uncovering resources and possibilities. Finding and trying out different approaches and ways of thinking that can be of benefit to you and help you make the progress you want.


During times of change or challenge, support is key. With my "coachees" I stay in contact, even exchanging messages a couple of times a day or short chats between sessions. It can feel like a "lonely road" when you're in business. I'm here to help support you through your times of change and growth. I'm here to support you, coach you and encourage you.


Resilience is a skill. It's the ability to focus and your ability to increase your "bouncbackability". Building and growing your business or performance can be a challenge. I'll help equip you with the tools to cope, regroup and continue forward.


Tools. It's all about tools. I'll teach tools applicable to your needs and situation, so you can continue and grow on your own. Everything I will teach you is simple, tried and tested. The methodologies, structures and new ways of doing and being. All established and well tested. Whether it's leveraging neuroscience or basic structure and discipline.


Motivation is one of the greatest challenges, and is usually a question of focus. New start ups and entrepreneurs can find motivation challenging If you're not used to working for yourself, or are so focused on your long term "outcome goal" you can fail to see the progress and performance and process goals that you're reaching along the way. I'll help support you and remind you about the victories along the way.


There are times when we all don't do what we say. We "drift" and are "busy" doing nothing, usually going nowhere. I help to keep people accountable by checking in with during the week to see how their week is progressing and developing. Helping keep things continually moving forward, as well as support and coaching them through challenges.

New - "daily check-in" coaching support.

Personal coaching sessions are great. We come away feeling motivated and focussed. We feel reinvigorated and energised with a renewed sense of purpose.

We all know the feeling. It's ike watching a great motivational speaker at a conference we come away full of positivity and energy. Next day,mmmm, maybe not so much. A couple of days pass and we're pretty much back in our old routines and patterns of behaviour.

If this sounds familiar to you, this is where "daily-check-ins" comes into it's own and can really make a difference.

I now offer the additional service of my "daily check-in" coaching and all it's benefits.

Everyday you get to "check-in" with me, via iMessage/WhatsApp/Email/Text and share your plans for the day the week, how you are feeling, your productivity levels and motivation. you get to share your challenges and we have a short conversation and catch up to keep the momentum going. Keep your focus. Overcome challenges and obstacles and share your wins.

Support and Accountability

Not only will I support you but this is also where I'll help keep you on track and keep you accountable. Some of my most successful clients even "check-in" in the morning and evening everyday for support and a chance to maintain their progress, focus and motivation.

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  • As business owners and entrepreneurs I understand that you want, higher revenues, improved productivity, better focus, better results, more motivation, clarity and less stress and overwhelm.
I am an International Life, Personal & Mental Skills Development Coach.

In addition to personal, entrepreneur and business mindset coaching, I work in the world of sport & motorsport. Series such as Formula 1, Formula 4, British Superbikes, World Supersport, AMA Arenacross, Karting, and also in Premiership Rugby, helping develop young talent’s mental skills.

I take the tools, techniques and methods that I use with top performers in motorsport to manage stress, focus, performance, motivation and resilience and teach you how to incorporate those into your own performance and business.

I am a a NLP Master Practitioner Coach and and Mindfulness Coach and a Certified and Accredited Hypnotherapist.

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