Miracles, Magic Bullets and You

Miracles, Magic Bullets and You


Self development, improvement, expanding your knowledge and potential are what we should all strive to achieve.

How do we do this?

Well, we all read the “those” books that tell us “if you do what I did you’ll be successful too ..!” or “I know the secret, do it my way…”

We all watch the same Ted talks promising us greater insight and we all use use the same apps and software and systems that promises to maximise our efficiency and productivity.



It’s a great way of developing and learning for sure, although what actual results, do we get from all the attention we give to these things?

Well, Miracles and Magic Bullets don’t exist. Sorry.

There is no “magic system”, there is no “do this just like me and you’ll be a success too”, there is no “perfect system”.

So am I on a “downer” on self development. Absolutely not, it’s key to our growth.

I do have some observations however. Not advice. I don’t give advice. I help people find their own answers.

Only Doing One Thing

I work with a lot of clients and see a recurring pattern. They are too distracted trying to incorporate, the latest teachings from this, or a new way of doing from “so and so”, or the latest quick way to success from a new best selling author, or a new efficient app that will take you weeks to learn how to use, and that actually robs you of more time that it creates.

I see clients wrestling to develop some sort of cohesive system with all these demands for their attention.

A lot of my clients end up with messily implemented “half systems” that consume their time and actually generate confusion, distraction and ultimately lead to frustration.

I’m not a huge believer in the concept of multitasking and neuroscience bears this out.

Concentrate on one thing, do one thing well. Concentrate on two things, you end up with two things done not so well, and so on with diminishing results.

Why not choose a new method, a new structure, a new system, a new philosophy or new way of doing and try it for a few weeks. However, choose just one thing to add to the way you operate, and see if “it fits”

“If it Fits?”

My clients know I’m always talking about “if it fits”.

I always advise when working together, that when introducing new strategies, systems or ways of thinking and doing that some ways will “speak to you”. It will work for you and will fit in with your ethos and personality.

Some new ideas, systems or strategies really won’t work for you, and thats fine.

If it doesn’t add to you , get rid of it. It’s not for you.

There’s nothing worse than trying to “shoehorn” a new pattern of behaviour into your life, that ultimately really won’t suit you.

However, we do make progress by trying things. “Trying them on, seeing if they fit” but we must let go of what doesn’t work for us and then move on.

There is no Miracle, Magic Bullet or Secret Formula for Success. every single one of us strives to move forward, for our own different reasons.

We have different “intrinsic” drivers and emotional reasons for wanting to develop and progress.

A single book, video or course does not have the answer for you. There is no easy way or quick route to a million, that will necessarily suit you.

Because “you are you and they are them”.

What will help you succeed is borrowing aspects of others systems, stories and success and trying them on to see if they fit you.

You are You

Only you are you.

If you understand where you are coming from, who you are, and know clearly where you are going and why, your chance of discovering your path and being truly successful in whatever way that means to you increases.

What is driving and pulling or pushing you ever forwards, is so completely unique to you that there is no miracle or magic bullet to success that anybody can tell you.

Discover your own reasons and drivers and manage how you think and approach your business and success, and that will be the right way for you.

To find out what specifically is going to work for you and to find your own drivers and motivations, uncover your own goals and find out what “fits” you, book a coaching session with me and we’ll explore all your possibilities and start taking steps to finding your clarity and making progress.


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