3 Coaching Session Bundle


Save 10% by purchasing your Coaching Sessions in an easy 3 session package.


Save more than 15% by purchasing your Coaching Sessions in an easy 3 session package.

This bundle is a package of 3 discounted coaching sessions.

Once you purchase your package I’ll send you a booking code via email to use when booking.

Booking your session.

When you book your session, enter your package code, and you can then schedule your session to suit you.

Each time you book a session you’ll receive a session booking email confirmation as well as a session reminder before your session.


Also each time you enter your package code when booking, it will remind you how many sessions you have left use.


(Please note: coaching session bundles and packages must be completed or used within 90 days or 3 calendar months from the date of the commencement of the first coaching session.)